Priority processing for Skills Assessments now available

Priority processing of skills assessments is now available to applicants, with payment of an additional fee. Priority processing does not guarantee that an application will be completed in a given timeframe; it just means that your application will move to the top of the processing queue.   

Your application may not be eligible for priority processing if it is incomplete.


For applicants residing outside of Australia, a priority processing fee of $290 will be applicable in addition to the standard assessment fee.

For Australian residents, GST  is payable, so a priority processing fee of $319 is applicable in addition to the standard assessment fee.

A full list of AVBC application fees is available here.

Please read our Conditions of Payment here.

How to request priority processing

To request priority processing, please contact upon submission and standard payment of your skills assessment application. Once your application has been reviewed, we will inform you whether you are eligible for priority processing. If priority processing is approved, you will be requested to pay the additional priority processing fee. Your skills assessment outcome letter will only be generated once this paymnet has been received.