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I am a veterinary specialist but my primary veterinary degree is not recognised by AVBC. Do I have to sit the AVE?

In order to gain full registration with an Australasian veterinary board or council, your primary veterinary degree must be recognised by AVBC. 

If your qualification is not one of the ones listed in the AVBC’s qualifications generally recognised document, the normal route to registration would be to sit the Australasian Veterinary Exam (AVE). More information on the exam can be found on the AVE page

Why must I sit the AVE despite demonstrating advanced knowledge in veterinary medicine?

Full registration as a veterinarian in Australia and New Zealand is based upon equivalence of your primary veterinary degree benchmarked against Australasian veterinary graduates.

Are there any exceptions?

Please note that all decisions regarding registration are made by the state/territory veterinary registration boards of Australia and New Zealand.

Some individual overseas-qualified specialists may be work in Australia or New Zealand under a specific or limited registration. This may be granted by some jurisdictions when a veterinarian does not hold a qualification that is recognised without further examination, but they are highly experienced in an area of veterinary science for which there is currently a shortage of highly experienced veterinarians in Australia or New Zealand.

In order to obtain full registration without conditions, they would still be required to sit the Australasian Veterinary Examination or another recognised examination.

If you feel this would apply in your situation, please contact the veterinary registration board where you would be interested in working for more information.