The Australasian Veterinary Boards Council is an incorporated association with the following members:

Voting members:

  • The state and territory Veterinary Boards of Australia*
  • The Veterinary Council of New Zealand

Non-voting members:

  • Australian Veterinary Association Ltd (AVA)
  • New Zealand Veterinary Association Ltd (NZVA)

Each member organisation has a representative on Council.

Member Representatives

2021 - 2022


Dr Mark Simpson


Dr John Harte


Dr Fiona Thompson


Dr Tony Leeflang


Dr Debra Grull


Dr Peter Gibbs (Chair)


Dr Chelsea Smart


Dr Lindsay Burton


Assoc Prof David Beggs


Assoc Prof Kate Hill

*The Veterinary Surgeons Board of South Australia resigned from AVBC and was removed from Voting Members listed in Clause 6 of the AVBC Constitution in February 2019.


Executive Director

Dr Julie Strous BVSc, PDM, GAICD began work with AVBC in 2001 and has been in the role of Executive Director since 2002. Her first task was to compile policies and procedures for veterinary accreditation in Australia and New Zealand. Since then she has participated in more than 35 university site visits. A highlight for her has been the opportunity to be part of the internationalisation of veterinary accreditation.

Dr Strous’ role in AVBC is to work with the Council and its committees to ensure the quality of the veterinary profession in Australia and New Zealand. Apart from veterinary school accreditation, AVBC administers statutory veterinary examinations and specialist assessments on behalf of the state and territory veterinary boards and the Veterinary Council of New Zealand.

Dr Strous is a veterinary graduate who has studied in a variety of areas, including ethics and theology, animal production in developing nations, and business. She has worked in mixed practice, sustainable farm management, chaplaincy, university teaching and management.