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Skills Assessment for Migration

If you are a veterinarian migrating to Australia under a points-tested skilled migration category, AVBC must assess your qualifications and skills. The AVBC is the only specified assessing authority for the occupation “Veterinarian” (ANZSCO Code 234711) under the Migration Regulations 1994.

You can apply for a Skills Assessment with AVBC if you:

Veterinary Nurses wishing to apply for a skills assessment should contact VETASSESS.

What is a skills assessment?

A skills assessment is an evidence-based assessment of your skills, qualifications and employment history. The assessment ensures that applicants have skills comparable to Australian standards.

Migration Queries

AVBC cannot provide specific migration advice or information on appropriate visa selection, as this is outside our scope.  

For further information on migration processes and requirements, contact the Department of Home Affairs. an Australian Embassy, Consulate, or High Commission; or a migration agent registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

For veterinarians wishing to migrate to New Zealand, please contact the Veterinary Council of New Zealand directly.

For all other queries, please contact