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Founding Members

Applicants for assessment as a Founding Member of a New Specialty are seeking recognition in a new specialty in Australia and New Zealand and have not completed a formal training program within a recognised specialty college. This would only occur when there is a new area of specialisation and hence, there is no clearly defined opportunity to have undertaken a training program for that new specialty.

The Advisory Committee on the Registration of Veterinary Specialists would expect an application for assessment as a Founding Member of a New Specialty to address the following criteria:

  1. Relevance, benefit and public need of the nominated specialty
  2. ABVS, EBVS, ANZCVS or RCVS approval of the specialty
  3. Applicant’s distinction in the new field
  4. Peer recognition
  5. Applicant must be currently registered and in good standing
  6. Applicant must be currently working in the specialty a minimum of 25 hours per week
  7. Demonstrate a commitment to training future specialists (e.g. residency program)
  8. Completion of an approved certifying exam
  9. Applicants must apply within 5 years of their certification date as a Founding Member
  10. Provide a statement of intent to offer training programs for future specialists in the discipline

For more information on the Minimum Standards Founding Members need to satisfy see Section 6 of the Specialist Eligibility Assessment Applicant Guide.

If you have any questions about applying as a Founding Member, please contact the ACRVS Officer at

If you are not a founding member, click the link below to prepare your application: