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Veterinary Registration in Australia and New Zealand

To register as a veterinarian in Australia or New Zealand, contact the veterinary board in the jurisdiction in which you wish to work.

Veterinary Boards refer to the Qualifications Generally Recognised document, published by the AVBC. 

If your qualifications do not enable you to apply for registration without further examination, options include:

  • enrolling at an Australasian veterinary school and completing the accredited veterinary program


  • sitting the Australasian Veterinary Examination (AVE). The AVE has been developed to assist veterinarians who qualified overseas to obtain registration in Australia or New Zealand. The examination ensures that eligible overseas veterinarians meet the standards required to practise in Australia and New Zealand.

For a general overview of registering and working as a veterinarian in Australia, read our Veterinary Science in Australia booklet for overseas veterinarians.

If you are registered as a veterinarian in one Australian jurisdiction, but wish to practice in another state or territory, find out more here.