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Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC) Announces Practice Sustainability Focus

Sustainable Practice Committee

Melbourne— 26th November, 2020

Today at its final Council meeting for 2020, Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC) announced the establishment of a new standing committee, the Sustainable Practice Committee (SPC). The new committee will facilitate AVBC’s ability to encompass post-registration standards for veterinarians, an initiative to further enhance the quality and standards of services provided by veterinarians to the public.

“AVBC has always focused on qualifications that enable you to register so that you can practice in Australia and New Zealand. Our very successful standing committees, VSAAC, AVEC and ACRVS* have ensured registration boards can confidently register Australasian and overseas graduates and specialists who have met our internationally recognised quality standards. The new committee will endeavour to improve standards for practice once the veterinarian is registered and in the work force. We hope it will support the boards, build more public confidence and improve life for members of the profession,” said Dr Julie Strous, Executive Director of Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC).

A healthy, sustainable profession

Many veterinarians have already taken part in a survey carried out by AVBC and some of the results will soon to be published in the Australian Veterinary Journal. This project will now be overseen by the SPC and the objective is an agreed approach on how mental health issues and substance dependence is handled across all jurisdictions.
For regulation, sustainable practice is about preventing incidents requiring the boards’ attention before they happen.

Key areas of concern are mental health, complaints handling, standardising regulations and providing a framework for a more coherent approach to any area of concern to all veterinarians in our jurisdictions. Dr Simpson, AVBC Chair and President of the NSW veterinary board welcomed the Council decision which will facilitate further evidence-based regulation. He said it will also have side benefits of reducing duplication of effort and minimising confusion among veterinarians as they move between jurisdictions.

“The AVBC will champion the profession’s learning culture, reduce some of the sources of stress and encourage initiatives that sustain healthy practice,” said Dr Simpson. “It will be collaborative, innovative, accessible and strategic.”


Incorporated in 1999, the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council encourages co-operation among state, territory and New Zealand veterinary boards and offers accreditation and a range of assessments to ensure the quality (recognised nationally and internationally) of the Australian and New Zealand veterinary profession.

The AVBC is committed to supporting boards and working with the associations and educators to deliver a fit-for-purpose veterinary profession. It wants to see more veterinarians sustaining continued growth and professional satisfaction throughout their careers.

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*VSAAC: Veterinary Schools Accreditation Advisory Committee
AVEC: Australasian Veterinary Examination Committee
ACRVS: Advisory Committee on the Registration of Veterinary Specialists