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Congratulations AVBC Award Winners

The AVBC would not be able to operate without the constant dedication of its Council member representatives, standing committee members, veterinary board members, registrars, and everyone in-between. Since 2018 AVBC has recognised this support through the annual AVBC awards, which are presented to retiring supporters in recognition of their contribution and service. The 2020 AVBC award winners were honoured before the whole Council at the final AVBC meeting of the year on 18th November 2021.

Meritorious Award winners

This is AVBC’s highest honour which recognises outstanding service.

Dr Peter Punch – During his 13 years of service Dr Punch has been involved in many different aspects of AVBC. He started out as the AVBC member representative for the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Western Australia in 2007, a role he only retired from in May 2020. He was a member of the first Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee (FARMC) in August 2008, initiating budgetary processes which are still used by AVBC today. Seven of his 12 years on the FARMC were spent as Chair of the committee, and he was also Chair of AVBC from 2009 to 2011. Dr Punch has been involved in many AVBC projects over the years; he was appointed as AVBC representative to the working group which reviewed accreditation standards for Australian and New Zealand Veterinary Schools in 2013 and he represented AVBC at the 2018 American Association of Veterinary State Boards’ conference in Washington DC. Dr Punch’s last two years with AVBC have been just as busy – he completed a great deal of work reviewing and updating AVBC’s bylaws in 2019 and chaired a working group which reviewed AVBC’s constitution in 2020.

Professor Leo Jeffcott – Prof Jeffcott spent over 10 years as the Chair of the Australasian Veterinary Examination Committee (AVEC). He was appointed to the role in May 2010 (when the committee was known as the National Veterinary Examination Board of Examiners) after consecutive appointments as Dean of the Faculties of Veterinary Science at Cambridge and Sydney Universities. During his time as Chair, Prof Jeffcott has been committed to reviewing the Australasian Veterinary Examination (AVE) in its entirety. He implemented a full review of the Preliminary MCQ Examination and overhauled the existing question bank, leading to a more statistically robust, reliable, and secure examination. This comprehensive review has continued with the AVE’s practical component. AVBC’s relationship with Queensland University has been strengthened and the examination process itself has been streamlined whilst losing none of its thoroughness. Prof Jeffcott’s tenure as AVEC’s Chair has placed the exam in a very strong position from which to navigate the years ahead.

Certificate of Appreciation winners

In recognition of contribution to the Council and assistance in achieving AVBC’s objectives.

Dr Allen Bryce – Dr Bryce was the AVBC member representative for the ACT Veterinary Practitioners Board and a member of the FARM Committee from October 2018 – March 2019. Prior to incorporation, Dr Bryce was part of the veterinary boards conference.

Mr Alan Gaskell – Mr Gaskell provided accountancy support to the FARMC for 12 years, from August 2008 – June 2020. He attended the inaugural meeting of the FARMC (then known as the Finance Committee) in August 2008, and AVBC was the beneficiary of his decades of experience as a Fellow of CPA Australia. Mr Gaskell also brought valuable knowledge gained as a board member of the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria.

Professor Peter Mansell – Prof Mansell was the University of Melbourne member and President of the Veterinary Practitioners Board of Victoria. He was the Board’s representative on Council from May 2016 – July 2019.

Dr Elizabeth Steadman – Dr Steadman was the AVBC member representative for the Veterinary Board of the Northern Territory from July 2015 to 2019. She was also a member of FARMC from July 2016 to March 2017, bringing a smaller board’s perspective to the committee.

Dr Nick Twyford – Dr Twyford was the AVBC member representative for the Veterinary Council of New Zealand from May 2016 – July 2020. He was also the Deputy Chair of the Management Committee in 2019 and served on the FARMC from May 2018 – July 2020.

Thank you all! The AVBC has benefited greatly from your time, expertise, and commitment.