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AVE Examination Update January 2024

Important dates for those who wish to sit the 2024 AVE Preliminary (MCQ) Examination:

AVE Preliminary (MCQ) Examination

The next sitting of the Preliminary (MCQ) Examination is scheduled for 19 April 2024. The closing date for applications and payment for the examination is 8 February 2024.

Before you can receive an application for the MCQ examination, you must first submit an application for assessment of your eligibility to sit the AVE, and have been assessed as eligible.

AVE eligibility assessments can take up to 6 weeks to process. We endeavour to complete them in a shorter timeframe whenever possible. However, as the closing date for applications for the MCQ approaches, we receive many more applications, and the process time therefore increases towards this 6-week timeframe. Applicants assessed as eligible to sit the AVE will receive an application form for the MCQ at the time they are assessed as eligible.

If you wish to sit the 2024 MCQ and have not yet submitted an application for assessment of your AVE eligibility, you are advised to do so without delay. Otherwise, your AVE eligibility application may not be assessed in time for you to go on to enrol in the 2024 MCQ. Please also ensure that your application is complete and meets the AVBC minimum document specification requirements before its submission.

AVE Final (Clinical) Examination

A full clinical examination is scheduled for 27-31 May 2024.

Eligible clinical candidates have been contacted for an Expression of Interest (EoI) in this examination session. The timeframe for EoIs in the 27-31 May examination session will close on 29 January 2024.

More clinical examination sessions are planned for the end of the year in 2024.


To find out more details about the Australasian Veterinary Examination process, click here.

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