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AVBC Seeks Business Analyst to Spearhead National Veterinary Database Project

The Australian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC) is embarking on an ambitious initiative to develop a National Veterinary Database in Australia. To lead this critical project, AVBC is searching for a talented Business Analyst to join their team.

The current fragmented system makes it challenging for both veterinary professionals and the public to access accurate and up-to-date information. This project responds to the lack of data available on the veterinary profession and inefficiencies in maintaining a separate database in each jurisdiction. Reducing duplication of effort, facilitating efficient communication between jurisdictions, providing for evidence-based interventions for the benefit of the profession, the public and animal welfare has the potential to set veterinary regulation up for the future.

The successful candidate for the Business Analyst position will play a pivotal role in translating stakeholder priorities into a blueprint for this ground-breaking project. Their responsibilities will include analysing existing business processes, refining user stories, facilitating workshops, documenting process models, and identifying areas for process improvement.

The desired outcome is to create a cohesive and centralised platform that enhances the efficiency of veterinary regulation while ensuring that data relevant to individual veterinary boards is locally accessible.

For more information about this position, visit:

Business Analyst Position Description: Australian National Veterinary Database

About AVBC: The Australian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC) is committed to promoting the integrity and sustainability of the Australian and New Zealand veterinary profession. Through its Sustainable Practice Committee, AVBC works to achieve a coherent approach to pre- and post-qualification practice matters, including developing a national veterinary database for evidence-based regulation and quality assurance.